Woo Zhen Chee

Financial Services Consultant


Joined AIA in 2016
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Zhen Chee embarked on his career as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) at the age of 23, shortly after completion of his Full-time National Service. Through being a dedicated and professional consultant, he is on a personal mission to impact the lives of the people he come across, for the better.

Despite having attained Diploma qualifications in the field of Design (Games Design and Development), his personal philosophy of achieving exponential growth through continuous education, regardless of age or specialisation, enabled him to draw interest and to take on the challenge to serve others as a Financial Service Consultant.

Zhen Chee understood the importance of Financial Planning, especially at an early age. He seeks to value-add and help others achieve their protection and financial needs through advising optimal solutions to secure a better financial future for his clients and for their loved ones.

Zhen Chee is also a firm believer of the quote, “If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone.” Aligned with his passion to serve, he seeks to be a force of excellence and is committed to go the extra mile to deliver quality service.