Muhammad Muhsin

Financial Services Consultant

Joined AIA in 2016
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While Muhsin pursued his bachelor degree, he also explored the career of being a music teacher. On his second year of teaching, Muhsin’s mentor’s interest in investments made Muhsin curious about investments, a field that he knew little about. That curiosity eventually led him to the Financial Services Industry. Muhsin took a leap of faith to find out more about the career and never looked back. After months of intense training and self-study, Muhsin began his new career as a financial services consultant.

Today, Muhsin is passionate about this career and is firmly committed to long-term client relationships. By offering comprehensive financial planning service, he hopes to help his clients with retirement, education and insurance planning strategies. Mushin works closely with his clients to make sure that their investment strategy and financial plans continue to be tailored to their changing needs, by constantly servicing them.

“The sooner you start planning your life, the sooner you will live the life you dream of.”
– Hans Glint